My Approach

      I base my practice in the depth psychological tradition. What this  means for your therapy is that I will accompany you in your effort to discover meaning or purpose in the face of feelings of disorientation or hopelessness. Your body and mind constitute an original and resilient Self, and we will base your therapy on its resources. Whether it is an unexpected sense of emptiness, loneliness, or overwhelming life circumstances, the problems which bring you to therapy can become opportunities to work toward re-integrating your unique sense of Self and to alter problematic life patterns. 

         A depth oriented therapy, also sometimes called analytic psychotherapy, can cover a broad range of issues and can yield unexpected results. In general, it is a therapeutic approach which regards the formation of symptoms (depression, anxiety, body pains) as meaningful messages from the unconscious. It is not by eliminating the symptoms that something like happiness may be found, but by going through them that something can be learned about oneself.

        Most of us at some point in our lives were forced by our environments to develop strategies of coping with overwhelming anxiety and other difficult emotions. These unconscious anxiety management strategies may have been necessary in the past, but become outdated and eventually hold us back from giving ourselves fully to our lives. Oddly enough, the unpleasant symptoms that signal us to seek therapy are often signs that our personalities are ready for more dynamic, vital, and fulfilling expression.

      Often we find ourselves in therapy because we are not sure where our life is going, or perhaps why we are alive at all. The idea that one can be or do anything one wants if one only applies oneself is very specific to our contemporary culture and unique from most of human history. In many ways it is a naive and unhelpful way of thinking, and it leaves many feeling as though the lack of fulfillment, achievement, and happiness in their lives is somehow a personal failure. While one does need to take responsibility for one's self, actions, and attitudes, depth psychology helps us to see a different, if perhaps less culturally popular way of moving forward. The basic attitude to which I am referring is one which posits that the human psyche is naturally striving for wholeness and expression throughout the lifespan, and we are to turn towards and tend to the psyche for our guidance and inspiration. When we learn to view our inner lives as meaningful, we have the potential to learn and be who we really are. The practice of tending to psyche can alter attitudes, behaviors, and beliefs in enduring and healthy ways.       

       We are often wounded in relationship, and paradoxically it is through relationship that we can heal.  Depth psychotherapy provides the human-to-human venue which is crucial for this process. I have training in a number of different modalities that can be usefully applied in certain situations along the way, but they are no substitute for genuine human contact.  It is in relationship that the rich, imaginative world of your psyche can be humanized - brought down to earth- and felt in a meaningful way.